Board of Directors Meetings

Sisters Park & Recreation District generally holds board business meetings on the fourth Tuesdays of every month from 4-6 pm at the Coffield Center, located at 1750 W McKinney Butte Road, Sisters, Oregon 97759. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. For members of the public who wish to attend virtual board meetings, each agenda will include a Zoom link.


For members of the public who will not be able to attend, questions or comments can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to SPRD, C/O Jennifer Holland, PO Box 2215, Sisters, OR 97759. All written comments and questions must be received by end of business the day before the meeting. Submitted written comments and questions will be read aloud at the meeting during the designated public comment time. 

Board Policy Manual

Board of Directors

Peggy Tehan, Board President   

Term ends 06/30/27 

Jeff Tryens, Board Vice President

Term ends 06/30/25

Bob Keefer,  Board Treasurer     

Term ends 06/30/25 

Molly Baumann, Board Secretary 

Term ends 06/30/25 

Heath Foott,  Board Member          

Term ends 06/30/27 

Board Meeting Agendas & Meetings

2024-04-09 Special Board Meeting Agenda 

2024-04-09 Special Board Meeting NOTICE

2024-03-26 Board Business Meeting Agenda

2024-03-12 Special Board Meeting Agenda

2024-03-12 Special Board Meeting NOTICE

2024-02-27 Board Business Meeting Agenda

2024-01-30 Board Business Meeting Agenda

2024-01-18 Special Board Meeting Agenda

2024-01-18 Special Board Meeting NOTICE

2024-01-16 Special Board Meeting Minutes

2024-01-16 Executive Session NOTICE

2023-12-12 Board Business Meeting Minutes

2023-12-12 Executive Session NOTICE

2023-11-28 Board Business Meeting Minutes

2023-11-28 Executive Session NOTICE

2023-10-24 Board Business Meeting Minutes

2023-10-24 Executive Session NOTICE

2023-10-10 Special Meeting Minutes

2023-10-10 Special Meeting NOTICE

2023-08-25 Special Board Meeting Minutes

2023-08-25 Special Meeting NOTICE

2023-08-18 Board Business Meeting Agenda

2023-07-18 Board Business Meeting Minutes

2023-06-20 Special Meeting Minutes

2023-06-20 Public Hearing Notice

2023-05-30 Budget Committee Meeting Minutes

2023-05-30 Budget Committee Meeting NOTICE

FY24 Proposed Budget

2023-05-25 Special Meeting Minutes

2023-05-25 Special Meeting NOTICE

2023-04-25 Board Business Minutes

2023-03-28 Business Meeting Minutes

2023-03-13 Special Meeting Minutes

2023-03-13 Special Meeting NOTICE

2023-02-28 Business Meeting Agenda

2023-02-28 Executive Session NOTICE

2023-02-14 Work Session Minutes

2023-01-24 Business Meeting Minutes

2023-01-10 Work Session Minutes

2022-12-27 Business Meeting Minutes

2022-12-27 Executive Session NOTICE

2022-12-13 Special Meeting Minutes

2022-12-13 Executive Session NOTICE

2022-11-29 Business Meeting Minutes

2022-10-25 Business Meeting Minutes

2022-10-11 Special Meeting Minutes

2022-10-03 Special Meeting NOTICE 

2022-09-27 Business Meeting Minutes

2022-09-27 Executive Session NOTICE

2022-09-13 Work Session- Cancelled

2022-08-16 Business Meeting Minutes

2022.07.12 Business Meeting Minutes

2022-06-21 Business Meeting Minutes

2022-06-07 Special Meeting Minutes

2022-06-07 Public Hearing NOTICE

2022-05-24 Business Meeting Minutes

2022.05.10 Budget Committee Meeting Minutes

FY23 Proposed Budget 

2022-04-26 Business Meeting Minutes

2022-04-21 Budget Committee Meeting NOTICE

2022-04-12 Work Session Minutes

2022-03-22 Business Meeting Minutes

2022-02-22 Business Meeting Minutes

2022-02-01 Work Session Minutes

2022-01-25 Board Business Meeting Minutes

2022-01-11 Board Work Session Minutes

2022-01-11 Board Work Session NOTICE

2021-12-14 Board Special Meeting Minutes 

2021-12-14 Board Special Meeting NOTICE

2021-11-23 Board Business Meeting Minutes

2021-11-23 Executive Session NOTICE

2021-10-26 Board Business Meeting Minutes

2021-10-26 Executive Session NOTICE

2021-09-14 Board Work Session Minutes

2021-08-24 Board Business Meeting Minutes

2021-07-27 Board Business Meeting Minutes


Previous years board meeting minutes:

Please read our Public Records Policy here. Copies of meeting minutes for previous years are available from Sisters Park & Recreation District, please call 541-549-2091 or email us at [email protected] for more information or to request a copy.