The Astronomy Club Committee of SPRD is working to foster enthusiasm for and knowledge of astronomy within the community of Sisters, Oregon and the surrounding area, and to interact with other persons and organizations that share similar interests in astronomy.

Sisters Astronomy Club Flyer

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm via Zoom. See current meeting agenda for zoom link. 

FY20/21 Agendas:

2021-04-20 SAC Meeting Agenda

2021-03-16 SAC Meeting Agenda

FY20/21 Minutes:

2021-03-16 SAC Meeting Minutes

2021-02-16 SAC Meeting Minutes

FY19/20 Agendas:

2020-01-21 SAC Meeting Agenda

2019-10-15 SAC Meeting Agenda

2019-09-17 SAC Meeting Agenda

2019-08-20 SAC Meeting Agenda

2019-07-16 SAC Meeting Agenda

FY19/20 Minutes:

2019-10-15 SAC Meeting Minutes

2019-09-17 SAC Meeting Minutes

2019-08-20 SAC Meeting Minutes

2019-07-16 SAC Meeting Minutes