Sisters Park & Recreation District is proud to offer two scholarships programs for district residents to participate in SPRD programs.

The Bonnie Malone Scholarship Fund was created in honor of one of the founders of Sisters Park & Recreation District’s maiden organization, SOAR (Sisters Organization for Activities and Recreation).

Bonnie helped start SOAR with the intent to serve children after school and expanded the offerings to include preschool, and eventually other recreation programs for youth and adults. When SOAR officially became a special taxing district in 1998, Bonnie served on the Board of Directors until 2010. The scholarship is intended to support individuals and families who face financial barriers so they can access SPRD programs.

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The Lt. Chris Salisbury USMC Outdoor Adventure Scholarship Fund was created in memory of Lieutenant Chris Salisbury to assist children who may not otherwise be able to participate in SPRD summer camps, including the Jim Anderson Camp for Science and Nature, Survival Camp, and Adventure Camp.

Chris was an avid outdoors-man and he loved backpacking, skiing, and fishing. He played football and rugby (always 2nd string, but the most loved player by teammates and coaches). Chris possessed the same enthusiasm and love for life that most young people have. What set Chris apart was his sense of compassion; he cared for all, particularly those who were less fortunate. The U.S. Marine Corps furthered his sense of compassion and helped guide it in a more controlled manner. This scholarship was created in his honor.

How to apply:

All applicants must be district residents and need to fill out the SPRD scholarship application. In addition to proof of residency (driver’s license, utility bill, etc.), one of the following documents is required for proof of eligibility:

  • An Oregon Trail Card
  • Proof of WIC benefits
  • Oregon Health Plan eligibility statement or Medicaid card
  • An official document stating you are receiving support from Circle of Friends
  • An official document stating that you are a current resident of a Housing Works Community
  • If applicant does not have any of the items listed above, they must include a letter with their application explaining their hardship.

A foster child who lives in-district is eligible to receive a scholarship for 100% of eligible registration fees (separate from their household of residence).

Approved scholarships may not be applied to prior registrations. If you intend to use the SPRD scholarship when registering for a program, you must apply before you register. Scholarships can take up to a week to process so please plan accordingly.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and will be funded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

SPRD Scholarship Policy

Scholarship Application