SPRD’s three advisory committees generally meet on the third Wednesday of the month (6-12 times annually) to participate in discussions, review plans, and provide broad feedback on park district programs, facilities, and parks. Our emphasis is placed on work that relates to goals stated in SPRD’s Strategic Plan, Service and Financial Sustainability Plan and functional plans.

Community oversight helps guide SPRD’s planning efforts in the following areas:

Nature & Trails
This committee guides management of natural resources, associated community engagement, trail use, and trail development. Subject areas include natural areas, wildlife, environmental education, and both paved and soft surfaces.

For more information on Nature & Trails Advisory Committee, please contact SPRD.

Parks & Facilities
This committee reviews development and use of outdoor physical assets, buildings and associated community engagement. Subject areas include developed parks, athletic facilities, program facilities, ADA access, historic properties, and community gardens.

For more information on Parks & Facilities Advisory Committee, please contact SPRD.

Programs & Events
This committee ensures SPRD meets program service delivery goals. Subject areas include programming, cost recovery, diversity and inclusion in recreation, sports, volunteering, environmental education, and aquatic activities.

For more information on Programs & Events Advisory Committee, please contact SPRD.

Each committee includes nine appointed volunteers, a staff liaison and a member of SPRD’s Board of Directors. Volunteers are district residents who serve a two-year term.

For more information on advisory committees, contact SPRD.