Board Meeting Schedule:

The Sisters Park and Recreation District generally holds board meetings on the first and third Tuesdays of every month at 5:30 pm at the Coffield Center located at 1750 W McKinney Butte Road, Sisters, OR 97759. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings.

Board of Directors:

Jeff Tryens: Chair

Heath Foott: Vice Chair

Peggy Tehan: Treasurer

Jayne Simmons: Secretary

Bob Keefer: Member

Board Meeting Agendas:


2018-07-10 SPRD Board Agenda

2018-07-13 SPRD Board Meeting Agenda

2018-07-20 SPRD Board Meeting Agenda

2018-07-24 SPRD Board Meeting Agenda

2018-08-07 SPRD Board Meeting Agenda

2018-08-14 SPRD Board Meeting Agenda

2018-09-11 SPRD Board Meeting Agenda

2018-10-09 SPRD Board Meeting Agenda

2018-10-17 SPRD Executive Session Board Meeting Agenda

2018-11-20 SPRD Board Meeting Agenda

0-2018-11-20 SPRD Board Meeting Agenda

1-2018-12-11 SPRD Board Meeting Agenda


1-2019-01-22_SPRD Board Meeting Agenda-cancelled due to lack of quorum

1-2019-01-28_SPRD Board Meeting Agenda-rescheduled from 1/22/19


1-2019-02-19_SPRD Board Meeting Agenda

03-19-19 SPRD Board Meeting Agenda

03-28-19_SPRD Special Meeting Agenda



04-16-2019_SPRD Board Meeting Agenda




2017-07-25 board meeting agenda

2017-08-08 board meeting agenda

2017-08-22 board meeting agenda

2017-09-12 board meeting agenda

2017-09-19 board training notice

2017-09-26 board meeting agenda

2017-10-10 board meeting agenda

2017-10-24 board meeting agenda

2017-11-14 board meeting agenda

2017-12-12 board meeting agenda

2018-01-09 board meeting agenda

2018-01-25 board meeting agenda

2018-02-13 board meeting agenda

2018-02-27 board meeting agenda

2018-03-27 board meeting agenda

2018-04-10 board meeting agenda

2018-04-24 board meeting agenda

2018-05-08 board meeting agenda

2018-5-22 board budget meeting agenda

2018-5-29 board meeting agenda

2018-6-12 Budget Hearing Notice

2018-06-12 SPRD Board Agenda




2017-03-7 board meeting agenda

2017-03-21 board meeting agenda

2017-05-9 board meeting agenda

1st NOTICE OF BUDGET 2017-2018

2017-5-23 budget committee meeting agenda

2017-06-20 board meeting agenda

2017-07-11 board meeting agenda

Board Meeting Minutes:

Copies of meeting minutes are available from Sisters Park & Recreation District, please call 541-549-2091 or email us at [email protected] for more information or to request a copy.