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Dear Friend of Sisters Park and Recreation District

It’s that time of year, again. Following on an annual tradition, the Sisters Park and Recreation District is launching its 2018 scholarship drive to provide funding for Sisters Country residents who might not otherwise be able to participate in SPRD programs including sports, art, fitness, music and senior excursion and fitness classes. Our goal is to raise $20,000 between now and the end of the year.

SPRD needs your support to do that. As someone who has engaged with SPRD in the past, you clearly understand the value of our programming. The need to help others less fortunate than ourselves to benefit from those programs is greater than ever. I hope we can count on you to make a contribution this year.

You can donate, specifically, to one of two programs – the Bonnie Malone Scholarship Fund focused on youth development programs and the Senior Citizen Financial Assistance Program – or you can simply make a general use contribution that will go to support one of the many services Sisters Park and Recreation District provides.

We understand that this has been a difficult year for many in Sisters Country but please know that every nickel of your contribution will go directly toward scholarships for low income families and individuals who might not, otherwise, be able to benefit from our excellent SPRD programs. Last year, SPRD was able to provide over 100 scholarships to individuals or families in need.

When making your decision regarding a donation, please keep in mind that many families and individuals, especially those with children, stretch their budgets just to be able to afford to live in Sisters Country. This scholarship program is one small contribution to making Sisters just a little more affordable and a little more welcoming.

Please use the enclosed donation form, which includes a method for donating through our website, or you can give the office a call directly at (541) 549-2091.

Don’t hesitate to contact either of us with any questions you might have about SPRD, generally, or the scholarship program.

Thank you.



Bob Keefer                                                                            Liam Hughes




Board Chair                                                                           Executive Director

Sisters Park and Recreation District                                     Sisters Park and Recreation District


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